All Incidents

Lists all [potential] Incidents sorted by Category they belong to and allows drilling down into recent [actual] Historical Incidents

Category Name Agent Agent Type Alarm Type
View... Random RANDOM_ALARM.High RANDOM_ALARM Analog High
View... Random RANDOM_ALARM.High-high RANDOM_ALARM Analog High-high
View... Random RANDOM_ALARM.Low RANDOM_ALARM Analog Low
View... Random RANDOM_ALARM.Low-low RANDOM_ALARM Analog Low-low
View... Sine EXPR_01.LTZero EXPR_01 Expression LTZero
View... Timer TIMER_ALARM.On TIMER_ALARM Digital On

The LINQ query syntax for this table is:

from incident in _context.AdrAmIncidents
join category in context.AdrAmCategories on incident.CategoryId equals category.CategoryId
select new { incident.Idx, category.Category, incident.Name, incident.Agent, incident.AgentType, incident.AlarmType }