Why choose Adroit?

One of the first questions that arises when faced with the selection of an industrial automation software solution is:
“Why should I choose this particular one when there are so many others to choose from?”

In a nutshell…

Easier Configuration

Fully on-line Allconfigurationtakes place on-line. No cumbersome switching into a development mode or package, and then recompiling
Fast development You canacquire Adroitand start developing in minutes. There is no need to licence a development system. Only when deploying a production solution do you need to pay for anything
3rd party tools Use your favourite spreadsheet or database tobulk-buildan Adroit configuration in a high-quality, readily-reproducible fashion

Better Features

Industry Standards Widespread support for recognized industry standards throughout: EEMUA 191for alarm management;
21 CFR 11for configuration auditing; SNMP for network management; ADO SQL for historianand
data warehousing; OPC client and server for data access, etc.
High Performance HMI ImplementsISA 101standard, which itself addresses the issue of proper situation awarenessfor industrial process HMIs
PLC Interfacing Comprehensive range of PLC drivers that all include an in-built "datascope" formonitoring and loggingof SCADA-PLC communications
Object-based Both SCADA server and HMI client provide anobject modelreadily extensible by OEMs and high-end System Integrators
Smart Client Smart Clientsimultaneously achieves the benefits of thin client - zero footprint install, auto-update, plus rich client - high performance, high productivity
Standard Scripting Scripting, if required, is offered at both server and client, and in standard languages: C#, VB.NET, JScript, or VBScript. No homespun programming languages invented

Resilience and Performance

Security Perimeter defence option to countercyber-attackand other external threats that are increasingly a source of real concern.
Redundancy Dual-redundancy, high-availabilityat both server and client can be point-and-click configured in minutes. No complex scripting or programming required to engineer highly available, resilient system.
64-bit system,
small footprint
No 16-bit legacy. Internal structures are 64-bit, and yet Adroit boasts an amazingly small memory and disk footprint. Installsin minutes
Widespread use More than 10 000 installations in dozens of countries around the world, yet local
UK development, support, and training

Lower Cost

Subscription licencing option When capital outlay is a major consideration, you can effectively take out anannual subscriptionfor an Adroit licence at 20% of the normal upfront cost.
Aggressively priced Aggressive pricingmeans internal tags are not counted in licencing costs – only scanned PLC addresses. Plus, sliding scale for client licences means adding concurrent users costs progressively less and less

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