Adroit Ensures Tanker Safety and Emissions Compliance

Adroit SCADA is being used to ensure tanker safety and engine emission compliance for some of the worlds’ major shipping companies. When a tanker is being loaded it is critical that the various storage tanks on board are balanced to avoid the tanker listing to one side or in worst-case scenario even capsizing!

Problem: Storage tanks are irregular in shape and a certain amount of mathematical modelling is required to get an accurate representation of volume and, more importantly the weight of material in each tank.
Solution: Thanks to the Adroit SCADA object oriented design, engineers were able to model the irregular tank shape easily and effectively enabling real time display of the amount of material in each tank during the critical loading stage of the vessel.

In stage two of the project Adroit SCADA was quickly and easily interface to a gas analyser using Adroit SCADA’s extensive range of in built drivers, enabling the system to read emission values from the ships engine and display in real time.

Problem: Different countries have different emission regulations so the ships position needed to be accurately known to geotag emission data
Solution: Within Adroit an interface was developed to a global GPS to read the ships location in real time. Again, due to Adroit object oriented design, the GPS interface was developed within the SCADA server providing the most efficient method to read data.

Positional data along with emission readings is then logged for later analysis and reporting. When the ship returns to port various reports can be generated to satisfy Regulatory Authorities as to the tankers course and emission levels in different regions.