Adroit Software Subscriptions

Unlike Android and iOS applications which these days make up the bulk of consumer software, Adroit is an example of enterprise software. As such, it isn’t purchased by individuals for a few pounds, euros, or dollars and for occasional, non-critical use. Instead, Adroit software licences are purchased, often for many tens of thousands of pounds, euros, or dollars, by enterprises running some kind of industrial process that requires 24x7 automated supervision, 365 days a year by a SCADA HMI product like Adroit.

For some organisations, purchasing a costly software licence as a one-off transaction in a single accounting period can be problematical. This is because the asset, i.e. plant or process, being supervised may have an expected lifespan of five years or more. It is particularly true when software licences are seen not as capital assets, but rather as operating expenses to be written off in a single financial year.

For these reasons, Adroit Technologies have implemented optional software subscription pricing. In this way, organisations wanting to try Adroit can avoid the need to spend large sums of money upfront on software licences.

The cost of Adroit software has always been proportional to the potential benefit delivered to the end user, and this is measured on two axes: (a) the total number of process measurements or values communicated between SCADA server and process plant, and (b) the maximum number of concurrent users viewing or interacting with information derived from these process measurements. This leads to a two-dimensional matrix:

The leftmost column refers to the number of process values communicated, ranging from an entry-level 75 point system at the top, through to an ‘Unlimited’ system at the bottom in which you may communicate as many process values as your hardware can handle. The top row refers to the maximum number of concurrent users, ranging from a standalone SCADA server, meaning one local user only, through to several client licences in packs of 10, 5, or less.

With the new software subscription pricing model an annual software licence subscription, as opposed to an outright software licence purchase, reduces the numbers in the above table by a factor of 5. This means you can now effectively lease an Adroit licence annually for 20% of the usual licence cost.

Benefits of the subscription model

Reduced upfront costs
It has already been mentioned that massively reducing upfront licence costs to a fraction of the full amount can be a compelling reason to choose an Adroit subscription rather than an outright purchase

Ongoing access to latest version of Adroit
In common with the traditional software maintenance contract, or Technology Agreement as it is sometimes called, annual Adroit licence subscriptions also benefit from ongoing entitlement to the latest software releases, at no additional cost

Your own private “cloud” on Adroit web-site
Customers that sign up on a subscription service will receive a secure login to a completely private storage area on the Adroit web-site that will be used, inter alia, for delivery of software licences. Quite often these customer-private storage areas are also used for prototyping partial configurations, example scripts, and configurations, etc.

A final word
Clearly, not all organisations will want to avail themselves of an Adroit software subscription service. Some will still prefer to licence the software outright and upfront. And so the subscription model in no way replaces the existing pricing structures and mechanisms that are in place – it just supplements them by providing a modern, cloud-based software subscription service in line with other enterprise software vendors.