Adroit Soft-licencing Procedures

Adroit soft-licencing uses a combination of various hardware parameters from the computer on which it is installed, as well as the capacity of the configuration being licenced, in terms of I/O points to be scanned, plus number of concurrent users, to create a unique licence file. If the hardware or computer fails and the application is moved to another machine or hard drive, the licence will fail and a new licence must be obtained. Depending on whether you have purchased your licence outright, or whether you have taken out an Adroit software subscription, the licence file may include an expiry date.

Steps to take
Make sure you are logged on as the Windows user that you intend the Adroit agent server process to run as, and then run GetHwKey.exe found in the Adroit installation folder. A unique hardware key will be displayed AND auto-pasted onto the Windows clipboard. For example…

…after which, the Windows clipboard will contain: 96bd-bb1f-ef6a-0388-9c1f-8c3f-f8d9-9cf9

From here it can be automatically pasted (Shift-Ins or Ctrl-V) into an email message or text file for onward emailing


  1. To avoid the possibility of human error somewhere along the line in manually transcribing such a long and complicated sequence, it is important that you make use of this auto-copy-paste mechanism
  2. It is also very important that before running GetHwKey.exe, you are logged on correctly as the intended agent server user because some Windows system generate different hardware ids depending on the logon credentials
  3. If it is vital that your soft-licence works for different agent server logons, try creating & setting registry value: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adroit Technologies\Adroit\UseDiskSerialNo to 0 before generating a hardware id. This will force use of an alternative hardware id for soft-licencing
  4. Note: For Servers and Virtual Machines, the above registry value should be set to 2 or 3 (use 2 if disk serial number is to be utilized)
  5. Once a licence has been generated, it is important not to change this regsitry setting, otherwise the licence will become invalid

Email the hardware key to By return email you will receive an AdroitLicence.ini soft-licence file that will look something like:

To install and use the soft-licence, simply terminate the agent server process if it is already running, and copy this AdroitLicence.ini file to your Adroit installation folder, typically 'C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\Adroit Technologies\Adroit'.

After installing the soft-licence make sure that it is valid by checking that the agent server window contains a valid serial number, version, scan point count, etc (see below). Alternatively if you’re running the agent server as an operating system service you can verify the same details by examining the LICENCE agent (of type Hasp) in the Configurator, Project Explorer, or Agent Browser.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Make sure the soft-licence file is not inadvertently renamed. For example, if Windows Folder options are set to hide the extensions of known file types such .ini, .dll, .exe, etc, then the file will appear as just “adroitlicence” in Windows Explorer. Avoid the temptation to rename this “adroitlicence.ini” because the actual name will become “adroitlicence.ini.ini” and will not be recognized by Adroit
  2. Do not add blank lines at the end of the file. This is easily done when looking at the soft-licence file in Notepad. Adding blank lines or spaces will actually change the content of the file thereby rendering it an invalid licence

What to do in the event of computer hardware change or failure
The following submission on a company letterhead, signed by a company director, is to be mailed or faxed to
Managing Director, Adroit Technologies (see Contacts page for address details), after which you will be contacted to redo the licensing process:


Managing Director,
Adroit Technologies

This letter serves to confirm that we have experienced a computer hardware failure (or upgraded our computer hardware) on which the Adroit software runs. This software now needs to run on what is effectively a new machine. Please would you authorize re-activation of Adroit’s soft-licence. The new hardware key is:


We hereby give the assurance that this new licence will not be used to illegally run another instance of the software on a separate PC. Please contact [Mr/s employeename] on [telephone no] or at [email address] to obtain an electronic copy of the new hardware key

Yours faithfully

[Company director name]