Adroit Smart SCADA

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Key Benefits

In-built cyber security:
Resilient to cyber attack

Straightforward development: licence only when you deploy solution

Extensible, object-based SCADA server

High-performance, ISA 101 capable HMI

Dual-redundancy easily configurable: no scripting needed

Dozens of PLC drivers: Siemens, Rockwell, Modicon, Mitsubishi, OPC, etc

SQL database connectivity: logging, reporting

Script languages: C#, VB.NET, JScript, VBScript

Software modularity via Windows Components, ActiveX

Industry standards: EEMUA 191, 21 CFR Part 11, ISA 101

Global software; local development, support, training

There are two major components to Adroit Smart SCADA: a flexible I/O Server and a high-performance, Smart Client HMI

Smart Client is a term describing an application environment which:

  1. Can deliver applications over a web http connection
  2. Does not require installation (or provides automated installation and updates)
  3. Automatically updates without user action
  4. Has the look and feel of desktop applications

It refers simultaneously to capturing the benefits of a thin-client (zero-install, auto-update) and a rich-client (high performance, high integrity, high productivity)

The server and client components of Adroit can run together on a single workstation (stand-alone deployment), or can be distributed across several different workstations and servers in a plant- or indeed enterprise-wide configuration - geographically separate, if required

The Adroit SmartUI client includes a design and engineering environment Designer as well as an operational environment Operator. Both are profile-based, meaning that different users logging can have different profile options such as language choices (English, French, Russian, etc), as well as security privileges (Administrator, Engineer, Operator, Trainee, etc)

The Adroit Smart SCADA server components normally run as operating system services, meaning that they start up automatically at system boot-up time, and are independent of any user logging in. The server contains a collection of object-based data types and instances called agents. There are currently 40+ of these different data types, ranging from fundamental Integer, Boolean, Real, String types, through the traditional process data types like Analog and Digital, right up to powerful and exotic data types like SNMP (SNMP Manager), OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), MaxDemand (Energy Management)

Over time and with each successive release of the product, the quantity and sophistication and these data types increases. Some of the exotic data types that now exist in Adroit did not exist in earlier versions. In addition, over the years, several high-end users have created their own specific data types to reflect the process and/or business rules appropriate to their organisation

Some engineering configuration screens for an Overall Equipment Effectiveness agent, and a Maximum Demand agent...

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Agent

Maximum Demand Agent

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