Optimised for Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2, Adroit Smart SCADA is flexible, simple, smart and fast, offering no limitations even for the most advanced and demanding users

It is a64-bit SCADA/HMIsystem designed for process control, manufacturing, energy management, and other open automation applications. It is developed on the .NET platform and is compatible with the Microsoft family of operating systems. Adroit has a flexible, object-based, client-server architecture and scales from a single, standalone workstation, right through to an installation spanning multiple servers and workstations across several geographically separate sites, if required

Alarm Management

In Adroit Smart SCADA, Alarm Managementand the associated reports in the Adroit Report Suite draw on the ISA 18.2 standard, EEMUA 191 guidelines, research performed by DC Campbell Brown, as well as our own experience withalarmingand alarm systems

The Alarm Management Agent allows user to route alarms raised in Adroit through to a structured alarm management database. In doing this it provides the following capabilities:

  • Add context to incidents
  • Log associated values with incidents
  • Add Reasons and Notes
  • Define alarm system KPI targets
  • Manage database housekeeping

Alarm Management Reports provide a set of reports tailored to visualizing and printing information gathered in the alarm management database