Alarm Management

Quick Start Guide

An Alarm Management agent in the Adroit server allows the routing of alarms through to a structured alarm management database

This allows user functionality such as adding and logging incident context, performance targets, notes, as well as database housekeeping

Alarm Management Reports provide tools essential to the logged alarm data by providing reports such as:

  1. Alarm System Performance - helping to measure the performance of an alarm system
  2. Alarm Analysis - allowing analysis of historical alarms in the system, thereby supporting continuous improvement initiatives

The Alarm Management agent and its associated reports in the Adroit Report Suite draw on the ISA 18.2 Standard, EEMUA 191 Guidelines, research performed by DC Campbell Brown, and our own experience around alarming and alarming systems

New Click to view Alarm Management reports hosted as an ASP.NET Core web application. These reports display some key metrics on live alarms from the Quick Start training configuration running on our web server

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